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Sonny Rollins - Now's the Time ! [complete]

A killer album from Newk's prime years at RCA – almost a return to basics, done in that fantastic understated style of Rollins' 1964 sessions! The album features Sonny working with Herbie Hancock on piano, Ron Carter or Bob Cranshaw on bass, Roy McCurdy on drums – and a bit of welcome additional cornet from Thad Jones. Tracks are mostly jazz standards, but done with an incredible poise on the solos – completely transforming the tunes with Rollins' rich imagination! Titles include "52nd St Theme", "Round Midnight", "Four", "Afternoon In Paris", "St Thomas", and "I Remember Clifford". Original album is expanded with bonus alternate takes, plus a version of "Django".
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Sonny Rollins
Now's the Time !
Sonny Rollins & Co.


Cd. 1

1 Now's the Time (Parker)  4:06
2 Blue 'N' Boogie (Gillespie, Paparelli)  5:32
3 I Remember Clifford (Golson)  2:36
4 52nd Street Theme (Monk)  4:33
5 St. Thomas (Rollins)  3:58
6 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams)  4:02
7 Afternoon in Paris (Lewis)  2:46
8 Four (Davis)  7:15


Cd. 2

1 Now's the Time [alt. take] (Parker)  15:51
2 I Remember Clifford [alt. take] (Golson)  6:04
3 52nd Street Theme [alt. take] (Monk)  14:41
4 St. Thomas [alt. take] (Rollins)  3:06
5 Afternoon in Paris [alt. take] (Lewis)  2:46
6 Four [alt. take] (Davis)  5:53
7 Django (Lewis)  5:22
8 Four [alt. take] (Davis)  5:53

[cd. 1] Sonny Rollins - "Now's The Time" (RCA Victor LPM 2927)
Thad Jones - crnt [out # 2, 3 & 8]
Sonny Rollins - ts
Herbie Hancock - p [out # 2, 3 & 8]
Bob Cranshaw - b
Roy McCurdy - dr
Recorded at RCA Victor's Studio B, New York City ; January 20 [# 4] ; February 14 [ 1, 5 & 6] ; February 18 [ 5] ; & Paril 14 [# 2, 3 & 8], 1964
[Cd. 2] Sonny Rollins - "After The Bridge" (RCA Bluebird (F) 5634-1-RB11)
[# 2]
Same personnel as above, except Hancock is omit
[# 1, 3-8]
Sonny Rollins - ts
Herbie Hancock - p
Ron Carter - b
Roy McCurdy - dr
Recorded at RCA Victor's Studio B ; January 20 [# 2] ; & January 14 [other selections], 1964

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