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Like many Americans who opt to live and work in Europe, the recorded legacy of multi-reed player Sahib Shihab tends to be overlooked by fans in his native land. Sentiments pairs recordings he made for two separate albums between 1965 and 1971. On the 1971 session, he's accompanied by fellow expatriate Kenny Drew, bassist Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, and drummer Jimmy Hopps. Most of the compositions are by the leader, starting with the exotic blend of hard bop and African rhythm, featuring Shihab's dancing soprano sax and Pedersen's bass solo. Drew switches to organ and Pedersen makes a relatively rare appearance on electric bass on the funky "Sentiments." The leader switches to baritone sax for Drew's exuberant ballad "Extase." The 1965 sessions feature Shihab as a guest with the Danish Radio Jazz Group, playing six of his originals. "Di-Da" is a catchy hard bop tune in which one note is repeatedly echoed by members of the group, though the pattern disappears as he launches his powerful baritone sax. The moody "Tenth Lament" and the perky "Harvey's Tune" are also highlights, with Shihab switching to flute for the latter piece. The supporting cast has a number of top European musicians, including Niels Pedersen, pianist Bent Axen, trumpeters Palle Mikkelborg and Allan Botschinsky, and drummer Alex Riel.
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Sahib Shihab


1 Ma'nee (Shihab) 7:43
2 The Call (Shihab) 7:57
3 Rue de la Harpe (Shihab) 5:02
4 Sentiments (Shihab) 5:18
5 From Me to You (Shihab) 3:43
6 Extase (Drew) 4:36
7 Companionship (Pedersen, Shihab) 4:16
8 Di-Da (Shihab) 5:12
9 Not Yet (Shihab) 3:26
10 Tenth Lament (Shihab) 6:21
11 Harvey's Tune (Shihab) 3:10
12 No Time for Cries (Shihab) 3:54
13 The Crosseyed Cat (Shihab) 3:34

[# 1-7]
Sahib Shihab - as, bs & alt fl
Kenny Drew - p, org & perc bells
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - b & el. b
Jimmy Hopps - dr
Recorded in Copenhagen ; March 1971
[# 8-10]
The Danish Radio Jazz Group
Sahib Shihab - cond, bs & fl
Palle Mikkelborg - tp & flghr
Torof Molgaard - tb & euphonium
Poul Hindberg - cl & as
Ben Jaedig - ts & fl
Niels Husum - ts, ss & b-cl
Bent Nielsen - bs, cl & fl
Fritz von Bülow - g
Bent Axen - p
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - b
Alex Reil - dr
Louis Hjulmand - vb [# 8 only]
Recorded in Copenhagen ; August 18, 1965
[# 11-13]
The Danish Radio Jazz Group
Sahib Shihab - cond, bs, fl & cowbells
Palle Mikkelborg - tb & tub
Svend Age Nielsen - b-tp & tb
kelborg & Allan Botschinsky - tp
Poul Kjaelgard - tb & tub
Ben Jaedig - ts & fl
Niels Husum - ts
Ib Renard - bs
Fritz von Bülow - g
Louis Hjumand - vb
Bent Axen - p
Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen - b
Alex Reil - dr
Recorded in Copenhagen ; August 21, 1965

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