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Both Sides of Tony Scott

Records by clarinetist Tony Scott are mostly quite scarce, including this long out-of-print LP. Scott, whose cool tone and boppish solos made him a standout (and an alternative to the rapid playing of Buddy DeFranco) in the 1950s, was always an adventurous player, although his groundings were in bop. This particular album features him with two different pianoless rhythm sections (with Mundell Lowe or Dick Garcia on guitar, Teddy Kotick or Milt Hinton on bass, and Shadow Wilson or Osie Johnson on drums) performing six lyrical ballads (including "Cry Me a River," "Star Dust," and "More Than You Know"), plus two lengthy originals. The latter were freely improvised at the studio, and they are quite unpredictable while being melodic and ultimately logical. An intriguing and well-rounded album, well worth searching for.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:dxfyxqygldhe

Both Sides of 
Tony Scott


1 Cry Me a River (Hamilton)  3:50
2 My Funny Valentine (Hart, Rodgers)  2:43
3 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish)  3:48
4 More Than You Know (Eliscu, Rose, Youmans)  3:30
5 Everything Happens to Me (Adair, Dennis)  6:01
6 Counterpoint Pleasant (Scott)  7:10
7 East Coast, West Side (Scott)  7:06
8 You and I (Kitchstein)  5:52


[# 1-4]

Tony Scott - cl
Mundell Lowe - g
Teddy Kotick - b
Shadow Wilson - dr
[# 5-8]

Tony Scott - cl
Dick Garcia - g
Milt Hinton - b
Osie Johnson - dr

Recorded in New York City ; January 25 & 26 [# 5-8], 1956


Danneau said...

Tony Scott
Merci de m'avoir fait connaitre un type qui joue de la clarinette qui n'est ni Benny Goodman, ni Buddy DeFranco.

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Thanks for another great post! Any chance of a re-up of Scott's Fingerpoppin'? The link seems to have expired.

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This is a wonderful TS album, with Lowe and Garcia equally strong here. Highly recommended.

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Thanks Mel ... I haven't listened to much of Scott's work ... so here goes ... Baron

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Quite a beautiful surprise! Didn't know that one, and it's cool. Lowe is always right on it. Not to mention Wilson, Kotick, Hinton or Johnson, ever reliable fellows. Thks Mel.

rubberduck said...

Tony Scott

I don't know too much of T.S, only music for zen meditation, and this is really a nice album

MAny thanks.

Rick said...

Tony Scott
Thanks Mel for this one. I heard Tony Scott's music for zen meditation years ago, but this straight ahead jazz recording will be a change. Two great guitarists to study too.

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Siempre me ha gustado la manera de tocar el clarinete de Tony Scott y en ésta selección de temas se adapta a su estilo como un guante…
Un placer de disco,
Gracias Mell!

AmyBRAINS said...

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it's always a joy to listen to the earlier, less zen, Scott!

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