Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Golden Flute - Lateef

The emphasis is on older tunes and styles on this Yusef Lateef Impulse! album. Lateef (switching between tenor, flute, and oboe) plays such numbers as "Straighten Up and Fly Right," "Ghost of a Chance," "Exactly like You" (on oboe), and "Rosetta" along with some group originals. Lateef has long been a true original, and he revitalizes the standards while always swinging and being a bit unpredictable. Well worth searching for, this was Lateef's final Impulse! album before switching to Atlantic.
Scott Yanow
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Yusef Lateef
The Golden Flute


1 Road Runner (Lateef) 4:47
2 Straighten Up and Fly Right (Cole, Mills) 3:28
3 Oasis (Lateef) 4:26
4 I Don't Stand a Ghost of a Chance with You (Crosby, Washington, Young) 4:06
5 Exactly Like You (Fields, McHugh) 2:57
6 The Golden Flute (Lateef) 3:56
7 Rosetta (Hines, Woode) 3:54
8 Head Hunters (Harris, Lawson) 4:35
9 The Smart Set (Brooks) 7:31

Yusef Lateef - fl, ts & ob
Hugh Lawson - p
Herman Wright - b
Roy Books, Jr. - dr

Recorded at Van Gelder Recording Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey ; June 15 & 16, 1966


Melanchthon said...

Philo said...

I have this album & can recommend it. The performances are excellent and the sound is fine. Bob Irwin did a good job on the remaster.

Very enjoyable stuff!

Orbyt said...

A swingin' session. Thank you Melanchthon.

neil said...

Once again, another chance to upgrade from on of my mp3 albums. Many thanks, mel...