Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oliver Nelson & Joe Newman

Unlike most of Oliver Nelson's recordings, this one has the feel of a jam session. A CD reissue of a Prestige set, Nelson (on tenor and alto) teams up with trumpeter Joe Newman (in exciting form), pianist Hank Jones, bassist George Duvivier, drummer Charlie Persip and Ray Barretto on congas for two superior standards ("Mainstem" and "Tangerine") and four of Nelson's more basic originals. The spirited solos of Nelson and Newman are strong reasons to get this colorful session.
Scott Yanow
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Oliver Nelson
Main Stem


1 Main Stem (Ellington) 6:48
2 J & B (Nelson) 5:45
3 Ho ! (Nelson) 4:30
4 Latino (Nelson) 6:06
5 Tipsy (Nelson) 5:15
6 Tangerine (Mercer, Schertzinger) 7:00

Oliver Nelson - ts & as
Joe Newman - tp
Hank Jones - p
George Duvivier - b
Charlie Persip - dr
Ray Barretto - cg

Recorded in Englewood Cliifs, New Jersey ; August 25, 1961


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Thanks for this - I like Newman's work, esp. his sessions with Cohn, look forward to hearing this.


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Not familiar with this one, but the line-up looks great. I've always enjoyed Persip and especially Duvivier. Thanks.

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Thanks for this; it's new to me as well. Great line-up! Joe Newman is always a treat.

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great music! But I cannot see why to remaster a Van Gelder recording to a wide stereo monster.

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