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Sahib Shihab & The Danish Radio Jazz Group

Made in the mid-'60s, over a decade before Thad Jones led the Danish Radio Big Band, this gem of an album offers more evidence of the centrality of Denmark to the modern, post-World War II jazz scene. It's also a forceful reminder of the limitations of the "great names" approach to jazz history, where such worthy talents as the late Sahib Shihab (1925-89) are ignored or marginalized. Shihab, a pioneering bebop baritone saxophonist and flutist, continued to develop and innovate in the post-bop years, as these compositions/arrangements with a slightly smaller version of today's Radio Big Band, ably attest.
Shihab's approach to orchestral jazz is decidedly post-Swing era modern (Charles Tolliver 's current big band comes to mind), employing novel voicings, contrapuntal and fugal strategies and a highly developed architectonic structure that makes each of the eight instrumental pieces here utterly engrossing: complete and detailed jazz creations that seem much longer than their three-plus to six-plus minute running times. "Dance of the Fakowees" manages to develop three distinct melodic strains and shifting rhythms through four turns by soloists plus a coda featuring dueling wah-wah trumpet and trombone over handclaps—all in just four-and-a- quarter minutes. "Tenth Lament" is a three-part (slow-fast-slow) impressionistic concerto-like piece featuring Shihab's muscular baritone over chimed orchestral voicings in the middle section — clocking in as the longest track at 6'20."
"Mai Ding," a piece with Afro-Latin beats that seem unique to Shihab (he's heard introducing them to the band on cowbell as a prelude to the track) alternating with two- and four-beat rhythms adds extra time layers in the chordal pacing of the low horns (baritone sax and tuba), building tension through interlocking lines. "Da-Di" builds a simple phrase into a full-bodied theme by slowly adding instruments and layers of staccato counterpoint. "Harvey's Tune," a waltz featuring Shihab's hummed-blown flute solo, employs a counter-melody hinting at a round, while "The Cross-Eyed Cat" develops a busy little theme into a fugue.
Shihab's compositions and solos are the stars here, but the band is terrific too, with fine solo contributions from the likes of bassist Niels Henning Orsted-Pedersen, trumpeter Palle Mikkelborg, tenor saxophonist Bent Jaedig and numerous others.
George Kanzler

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Sahib Shihab
The Danish Radio Jazz Group


1 Di-Da  5:10
2 Dance Of The Fakowees  4:14
3 Not Yet  3:25
4 Tenth Lament  6:20
5 Mai Ding  4:50
6 Harvey's Tune  3:07
7 No Time For Cries  3:52
8 The Crosseyed Cat  3:34
9 Little French Girl  2:35

All Compositions by Sahib Shihab

Featuring Sahib Shihab, Palle Bolvig, Palle Mikkelborg, Allan Botschinsky, Torolf Molgard, Svend Age Nielsen, Poul Kjaeldgard, Poul Hindberg, Bent Jaedig, Niels Husum, Bent Nielsen, Ib Renard, Louis Hjulmand, Fritz Von Bulow, Bent Axen, Niels-Henning Ørsted Pedersen, Alex Riel.

Recorded August 18 & 21, 1965


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