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The Four Brothers - Together Again !

The original "Four Brothers" as heard in the 1947-48 Woody Herman Orchestra were tenors Stan Getz, Zoot Sims and Herbie Steward and baritonist Serge Chaloff [photo]. In 1948 Al Cohn replaced Steward. In 1957 for this "reunion" session Getz was not available so instead Sims, Steward, Cohn and Chaloff were contacted. Accompanied by a rhythm section that includes pianist Elliott Lawrence, they naturally revived "Four Brothers" but otherwise mostly played newer songs by Gerry Mulligan, Manny Albam (who provided the date's arrangements), Lawrence, Cohn and Sims. Due to his bad health, Chaloff did not play many of the ensemble passages (Charlie O' Kane filled in) but he did take all of the solos; this would be his final recording. The music overall on this CD reissue is quite enjoyable and Sims, Cohn and Steward show how much they had grown during the previous decade.
Scott Yanow, AMG

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The Four Brothers
Together Again !


1 Four and One Moore (Mulligan)  4:09
2 So Blue (Cohn)  3:30
3 The Swinging Door (Mulligan, Sims)  2:52
4 Four in Hand (Albam)  3:20
5 A Quick One (Cohn)  4:03
6 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  3:49
7 Ten Years Later (Cohn)  3:06
8 The Pretty One (Lawrence)  3:32
9 Aged in Wood (Cohn)  2:58
10 Here We Go Again (Albam)  3:49


Al Cohn - ts
Zoot Sims - ts
Herbie Steward - ts

Serge Chaloff - bs
Charlie O' Kane - bs
Elliott Lawrence - p
Burher "Buddy" Jones - b
Don Lamond - dr
Manny Albam - arr.

Recorded in New York City ; February 11, 1957


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