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Mikhaïl Rudy Plays Scriabin '81

The last Scriabin's piano works, though undoubtedly modernistic and interesting as such, come across as being extremely obscure in Rudy's interpretations, and I feel that this is partly due to his treatment of them from a late twentieth-century standpoint regarding pianistic style.
It was in the Fifth Sonata that Scriabin introduced the 'mystic chord' that was to form the harmonic basis and seminal inspiration for his piano works written afterwards, and this restricted language tended to replace a use of melody (although the opening motif of the Tenth Sonata is certainly memorable). Rudy's rather objective style, in which he turns his back on a personal involvement with the music, increases the impression of modernism. His playing is carefully controlled ; it has genuine strength of purpose. However, his intensity makes for some rather taxing listening. Scriabin sounds extremely austere here, and unnecessarily so. When the composer is delighting in sonority, as in the nebulous moods of the Deux Poemes, Op. 71, I do not feel that Rudy really meets the demands.
The three late sonatas that Rudy has chosen are all one-movement works. The Eighth is the longest and rises from quiet rhapsodizing to passionate climaxes. This is a cogently argued account, as is that of the Black Mass Ninth Sonata, with its hints of the demonic. For me it was the Tenth that came off best — its extraordinarily arresting trills make the spine tingle...

Source :

Mikhaïl Rudy
Alexander Scriabin
(The Last Works)


Three Etudes, Op. 65
1 Allegro fantastico  3:07
2 Allegretto  1:49
3 Molto vivace  1:40

4 Piano Sonata n° 8, Op. 66  14:49

Two Preludes, Op. 67
5 Andante  1:29
6 Presto  0:52

7 Piano Sonata n° 9, Op. 68

Two Poemes Op. 69
8 Allegretto  1:58
9 Allegretto  1:21

10 Piano Sonata n° 10, Op. 70  12:32

Two Poemes Op. 71
11 Fantastique  2:21
12 En Rêvant  1:55

13 Vers la Flamme, Op. 72  4:45

Two Dances, Op. 73
14 Guirlandes  3:48
15 Flammes sombres  2:04

Five Preludes, Op. 74
16 Douloureux, déchirant  1:08
17 Très lent, contemplatif  1:04
18 Allegro, dramatico  0:45
19 Lent, vague, indécis  1:18
20 Fier et belliqueux  1:00


Mikhaïl Rudy - p

Recorded March 1981


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