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Byrd - Olympia '58

Donald Byrd was considered one of the finest hard bop trumpeters of the post-Clifford Brown era. He recorded prolifically as both a leader and sideman from the mid-'50s into the mid-'60s, most often for Blue Note, where he established a reputation as a solid stylist with a clean tone, clear articulation, and a knack for melodicism. Toward the end of the '60s, Byrd became fascinated with Miles Davis' move into fusion, and started recording his own forays into the field. In the early '70s, with the help of brothers Larry and Fonce Mizell, Byrd perfected a bright, breezy, commercially potent take on fusion that was distinct from Davis, incorporating tighter arrangements and more of a smooth soul influence. Opinions on this phase of Byrd's career diverge wildly -- jazz purists utterly despised it, branding Byrd a sellout and the records a betrayal of talent, but enraptured jazz-funk fans regard it as some of the most innovative, enduring work of its kind. In fact, proportionately speaking, Byrd is held in even higher esteem by that audience than by straight-ahead jazz fans who enjoy his hard bop output.
Steve Huey
Source :

Donald Byrd Quintet
Complete Live at the Olympia


Cd. 1

1 Dear Old Stockholm (traditional) 12:24
2 Paul's Pal (Rollins) 12:22
3 Flute Blues (Jaspar) 7:11
4 Ray's Idea (Brown) 7:26
5 The Blues Walk (Brown) 8:07
6 Salt Peanuts #1 (Gillespie, Clarke) 2:07
7 Parisian Thoroughfare (Powell) 9:04
8 Stardust (Carmichael, Parish) 3:18
9 52nd Street Theme (Monk) 6:39
10 Formidable (Davis Jr.) 9:14

Cd. 2

1 At this Time (Byrd) 9:40
2 Two Bass Hit (Gillespie, Lewis) 3:40
3 Salt Peanuts #2 (Gillespie, Clarke) 2:02
4 More of the Same (Traditional) 6:42

Bonus tracks

5 Parisian Thoroughfare (Powell) 17:28
6 At this Time* (Byrd) 7:02
7 52nd Street Theme* (Monk) 6:50
8 All the Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein II) 11:29
9 It Might as Well Be Spring* (Rodgers, Hammerstein II) 6:32
10 My Funny Valentine* (Rodgers, Hart) 5:51

Donald Byrd - tp
Bobby Jaspar - ts & fl [out on *]
Walter Davis Jr. - p
Doug Watkins - b
Art Taylor - dr

Recorded at "L'Olympia", Paris ; October 22, 1958 [# Cd. 1 & Cd. 2 #1-4] ; & at "Au Chat qui Pêche", Paris ; October 29, 1958 [bonus]


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Hi Mel, Thanks again for all. you find some wonderful music.

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more Byrd is never enough Byrd!
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btw: a question from a non-american (me): how do you pronouce Byrd? "bird" or Bye-heard"???

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These are some of my favourite Byrd recordings, wonderful to have them all lossless. Thank you, Mel.

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Please remember to post Donald Byrd/John Jenkins 'STAR EYES' also known as 'JAZZ EYES' on Savoy. This has a version of the Jenkins tune 'Rockaway' also found here in a separate version I didn't know existed, and, to distinguish between the two dates. It may be only available to RIP from the (or YOUR hopefully) vinyl 33 1/3 disc, released in 1977-78 on the 'SAVOY JAZZ' label, the successor to the original 50s Savoy [Ozzie] Cadena sessions/dates. Have searched FOREVER for the Byrd/Jenkins version in digital .rar/.zip/.flac shares. FABULOUS BLOG SHARES you have!!!! Thanks a Trillion Melanchthon. One of the best on the net, and GLAD to see you resurface! SALUT...TOUR DE FORCE!!!

Peter said...

Thanks Mel!

greenishthing - should you pass this way again ...

Unless you are affecting a bad Southern drawl .....

it's pronounced as in rara avis, as in Charlie Parker. Hence the albums and tune titles punning on his name: Byrd in Flight, Byrd in Hand, Bird House, etc. and the name of his band Blackbyrds.

There was a Jaki Byard (pianist, e.g. with Mingus in 1964), pronounced as in your second sound approximation.

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i have been haunted by an mp3 of all the things you are
from the album au chat qui peche by donald byrd. i found the mp3 on a site years ago that had 108 versions of the song gathered.

if you would be willing to re up this post of the three byrd in paris cds that would like a dream come true. there is something about the feel of these recordings and bobby jaspar. that is so loose and perfect.