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Barry Harris Trio & Sonny Stitt

Barry Harris' debut Argo session captures a uniquely soulful interpretation of bop sensibilities. Light yet commanding, Breakin' It Up moves from strength to strength, belying the pianist's relative youth and inexperience. Paired with bassist William Austin and drummer Frank Gant, Harris dispenses with frills, paring familiar melodies like "Ornithology" and "All the Things You Are" to their absolute essentials. The overall approach is far more straight-ahead than his subsequent efforts, yet his signature melodic ingenuity is firmly in place. [The 2007 edition included bonus tracks.]
Jason Ankeny

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Barry Harris Trio
Sonny Stitt Quartet
Breakin' It Up


1 All the Things You Are (Kern, Hammerstein)  5:04
2 Ornithology (Parker)  3:31
3 Bluesky (Harris)  4:33
4 Passport (Parker)  3:43
5 Allen's Alley (Best)  2:56
6 Embraceable You (Gershwin, Gershwin)  3:55
7 Sro (Harris)  3:53
8 Stranger in Paradise (Wright, Forrest)  4:54
9 Lover Man (Davis, Sherman, Ramirez)  3:50
10 Koko (Parker)  3:59
11 How High the Moon ? (Lewis, Hamilton)  4:48
12 Easy Living (Robin, Rainger)  4:01
13 It's Hipper Than That (Stitt)  4:47
14 A Minor Sax (Stitt)  4:07
15 Reed and a Half (Stitt)  3:25
16 I'll Tell You Later (Stitt)  4:22
17 Look for Silver Lining (Kern, DeSylva)  4:30


[# 1-8] Barry Harris Trio, Breakin' It Up, Argo LP 644
Barry Harris - p
William Austin - b
Frank Gant - dr
Recorded in Chicago ; July 31, 1958
[# 9-17] Sonny Stitt Quartet, Burnin', Argo LP 661
Sonny Stitt - as & ts
Barry Harris - p
William Austin - b
Frank Gant - dr
Recorded in Chicago ; August 1, 1958


zardoz1984 said...

Great Lord! Barry is so criminally underrated, and such a modest & nice man. Got the opportunity to meet him in NYC back in 1980, nice memory…
And it's time I thk you for the beautiful music you're sharing here: just found your blog, it's quite amazing. Many Jimmy Heath too, Curtis Fuller, Kenny Dorham, Sonny Stitt & so on. The word addiction was invented for the work of those guys & yours. Many many thx.

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