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Pianist Paul Bley's early ESP free jazz session combines the influence of the Jazz Composer's Guild with Ornette Coleman. On Barrage, Bley is joined by alto saxophonist Marshall Allen (in one of his few appearances outside of Sun Ra's Arkestra), trumpeter Dewey Johnson (who would go on to play on Coltrane's Ascension the following year), Eddie Gomez on bass, and Milford Graves taking care of percussion. All compositions are by Bley's former wife, Carla Bley, with a definite nod to Coleman's hyperactive stop-start punctuation (Paul Bley had fronted one of the earliest incarnations of the original Coleman quartet). Graves and Allen are especially irrepressible here, making Barrage a lost free jazz classic.
Al Campbell
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Paul Bley


1 Batterie 4:19
2 Ictus 5:24
3 And Now the Queen 4:21
4 Around Again 4:15
5 Walking Woman 4:18
6 Barrage 5:31

All Compositions by Paul Bley

Marshall Allen - as
Dewey Johnson - tp
Paul Bley - p
Eddie Gomez - b
Milford Graves - perc

Recorded in New York City ; October 20, 1964


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