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Buddy Collette - Everybody's Buddy

An important force in the Los Angeles jazz community, Buddy Collette was an early pioneer at playing jazz on the flute. Collette started on piano as a child and then gradually learned all of the woodwinds. He played with Les Hite in 1942 ; led a dance band while in the Navy during World War II ; and then freelanced in the L.A. area with such bands as the Stars of Swing (1946), Edgar Hayes, Louis Jordan, Benny Carter, and Gerald Wilson (1949-1950). An early teacher of Charles Mingus, Collette became the first black musician to get a permanent spot in a West Coast studio band (1951-1955). He gained his greatest recognition as an important member of the Chico Hamilton Quintet (1955-1956), and he recorded several albums as a leader in the mid- to late '50s for Contemporary. Otherwise, he mostly stuck to the L.A. area, freelancing, working in the studios, playing in clubs, teaching, and inspiring younger musicians. Although a fine tenor player and a good clarinetist, Collette's most distinctive voice is on flute; he recorded an album with one of his former students, the great James Newton (1989). In addition, Collette participated in a reunion of the Chico Hamilton Quintet, and recorded a two-disc "talking record" for the Issues label in 1994, in which he discussed some of what he had seen and experienced through the years.
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Buddy Collette
Everybody's Buddy


1 Tasty Dish (Collette)  5:41
2 I Still Love You (Collette)  3:26
3 Orlando Blues (Collette)  4:37
4 Mrs. Potts (Wright)  3:20
5 Soft Touch (Collette)  3:46
6 You Better Go Now (Graham, Reichner)  3:34
7 Old School (Wright)  4:46
8 Debbie (Shreve)  3:57


[# 1, 2, 4 & 6]
Buddy Collette - ts, cl & fl
Howard Roberts - g
Gerald Wiggins - p
Eugene Wright - b
Bill Richmond - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders Studio in Hollywood, May 14, 1957.
[# 3, 5, 7 & 8]
Buddy Collette - ts, cl & fl
Dick Shreve - p
Eugene Wright - b
Bill Richmond - dr
Recorded at Radio Recorders Studio in Hollywood, May 15, 1957.


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