Monday, October 25, 2010

Phil Woods

Phil Woods was only 22 at the time of this program (reissued on CD), but he was already an explosive and very talented bop-oriented altoist. This obscure set, one of his earliest recordings, has seven group originals, plus the lone standard "Mad About the Boy," and is full of excitement. Woods, trumpeter Jon Eardley, pianist George Syran, bassist Teddy Kotick and drummer Nick Stabulas all display both youthful energy and a strong knowledge of Charlie Parker's innovations, making this an essential, if little-known acquisition for bop collectors.
Scott Yanow
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Phil Woods
Pot Pie


1 Pot Pie (Eardley) 5:15
2 Open Door (Syran) 5:24
3 Mad About the Boy (Coward) 6:33
4 Robin's Bobbin' (Woods) 5:17
5 Cobblestones (Syran) 5:09
6 Toos Bloos (Eardley) 4:55
7 Sea Beach (Woods) 4:47
8 Horseshoe Curve (Eardley) 4:21

Phil Woods - as
Jon Eardley - tp
George Syran - p
Teddy Kotick - b
Nick Stabulas - dr

Recorded in Hackensack , New Jersey ; October 12, 1954 [# 1-4] & February 4, 1955 [# 5-8]


Melanchthon said...

the doc said...

I don't have this so thanx

neil said...

Sounds a worthy companion to 'Woodlore', Mel. Many thanks...

Philo said...

Phil Woods - Pot Pie

Just got a chance to give this a listen.

Wow! This is a wonderful album. Melodic, lively bebop. A lot of fun.

If you passed this by because you didn't think a 1954 mono recording would be entertaining, you should reconsider.

Anonymous said...

Hi Mel, this is hulaboy. I'd greatly appreciate a re-up of Pot Pie. Thanks for all you do.