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Jackie McLean & Donald Byrd

Jackie McLean hasn't had too many kind things to say about the recordings he made prior to signing with Blue Note in 1959. The alto saxophonist is quick to dismiss his pre-1959 work, which he feels pales in comparison to his stunning Blue Note output of 1959-1967. But while it is true that McLean recorded his most adventurous and essential albums for Blue Note, the saxman's pre-Blue Note recordings aren't without merit. Recorded in 1955, The Jackie McLean Quintet is a Spanish reissue that contains his first recordings as a leader. Joined by trumpeter Donald Byrd, pianist Mal Waldron, bassist Doug Watkins, and drummer Ronald Tucker, a 24-year-old McLean leads a conventional bop date that ranges from two originals ("Blue Doll" and "Little Melonae") to performances of the standards "It's You or No One," "The Way You Look Tonight," and "Lover Man." In 1955, there was plenty of Charlie Parker in McLean's tone -- nonetheless, he was striving for originality, and the saxman was growing increasingly distinctive. If McLean told you that this session fell short of the brilliance of 1960s Blue Note classics like Demon's Dance, One Step Beyond, Let Freedom Ring, and Right Now!, he would be speaking the truth. In 1955, McLean still had some growing and developing to do -- just as John Coltrane still had some growing and developing to do when he was in Dizzy Gillespie's employ in the early '50s. But that doesn't mean that this CD is bad. Although far from essential, The Jackie McLean Quintet is a decent bop outing that will appeal to collectors, historians, and hardcore fans. [An import version was also released.]
Alex Henderson
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Jackie McLean
New Tradition


1 It's You or No One (Cahn, Styne) 6:48
2 Blue Doll (McLean) 6:57
3 Little Melonae (McLean) 6:26
4 The Way You Look Tonight (Fields, Kern) 6:27
5 Mood Malody (Waldron) 6:53
6 Lover Man (Davis, Ramirez, Sherman) 6:34

Jackie McLean - as
Donald Byrd - tp
Mal Waldron - p
Douglas Watkins - b
Ronald Tucker - dr

Recorded in New York City ; October 21, 1955


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