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Joe Diorio - Italy

Joseph Louis Diorio, 6 August 1936, Waterbury, Connecticut, USA. Following in the footsteps of an uncle, Diorio took up the guitar, studying formally in the early 50s at a local music school. He worked for a while with local bands but in the early 60s he ventured into New York City where he quickly established a reputation. He played with many bop musicians, such as Eddie Harris, Sonny Stitt and Ira Sullivan. He also played in mainstream groups fronted by noted jazzmen including Conte Candoli and Stan Getz. From the 60s to the 80s he worked in various centres, including Florida, where he played on television and radio and also taught at the University of Miami. He also played in the Netherlands, France, Brazil and Australia, and recorded as a leader for the Spitball label during the 70s. Among musicians with who he has recorded are guitarists Mick Goodrick and John Pisano, Anita O'Day and Sullivan. In addition to performing and teaching, Diorio has also written text books, including the praised 21st Century Intervallic Designs, and is a painter and sculptor. Gradually, as the century ended, he was gaining a much deserved audience.
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Joe Diorio


1 Italy (Diorio)  3:30
2 Dolphin Dance (Hancock)  2:58
3 Stella by Starlight (Young)  3:39
4 'Round Midnight (Monk, Williams)  5:04
5 Journey to Peace (Diorio)  2:02
6 Blue in Green (Davis)  3:09
7 Moment's Notice (Coltrane)  3:39
8 Peace (Silver)  2:56
9 Well, You Needn't (Monk)  2:35


Joe Diorio - g

Recorded at the MGI Records Studio, Munich, Germany ; April 1989


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