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Joe Diorio - Bonita

The talented guitarist Joe Diorio has mostly recorded for obscure record companies throughout his career including this set for the completely forgotten Zdenek label. The early-'80s LP features Diorio (who has always had his own sound) in a trio/quartet with other Los Angeles-based musicians : keyboardist Carl Schroeder, bassist Bob Magnusson and drummer Jim Plank. Diorio stretches out on five standards (including Jobim's "Bonita") plus one of his originals, playing some fine post-bop guitar that is often strikingly original.
Scott Yanow

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Joe Diorio


1 Bonita (Jobim)  5:07
2 If I Should Lose You (Robin, Rainger)  6:49
3 Spring Can Really Hang You Up the Most (Wolf, Lendesman)  4:05
4 Talla Sunshine - Naima Rainbow, Dance for Their Father (Diorio, Beraldi)  4:41
5 Bloomdido (Parker)  2:40
6 Hello Young Lovers (Hammerstein, Rodgers)  6:50
7 Send in the Clowns* (Sondheim)  3:12

* Bonus Track - Previously unreleased


Joe Diorio - el 6 & 12-string g
Bob Magnusson - b
Jim Plank - dr
Carl Schroeder - p & fender rhodes piano

Recorded at Spectrum Studios, Venice Beach, California on January 1980


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