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Jimmy Hamilton

Jimmy Hamilton may not have recorded very often as a leader while he worked with Duke Ellington for a quarter of a century, but his occasional records on his own are worth exploring. This Fresh Sound CD is a compilation of two Urania releases recorded in 1954, including the complete contents of Accent on Clarinet and four songs from Clarinet in High Fi. Hamilton sticks exclusively to clarinet throughout both sessions. On the first, a piano-less date with fellow Ellington veterans Clark Terry and Oscar Pettiford, as well as Osie Johnson, Barry Galbraith, and rhythm guitarist Sidney Gross, the music is drawn from the Ellington songbook, in addition to standards and originals by the participants. Hamilton lets his hair down with a lively extended solo in "I Get a Kick Out of You." Pettiford's well-known "Bohemia After Dark" is more of a group effort with Terry mostly laying out of the ensemble passages but adding a fat-toned solo following the leader, though Galbraith's solo is also memorable. Terry's perky bop number "Chuckles" and Hamilton's sauntering "Blues for Clarinet" are also first rate. Gross is the only holdover for three of the songs from Clarinet in High Fi, which adds pianist Kenny Kersey, plus Ellington veterans Jimmy Woode on bass and drummer Sam Woodyard. In addition to Gross' lively "Blues for a Princess," two standards are heard, all of which focus extensively on Hamilton. "Tea for Two" goes back to the first lineup, but with pianist Earl Knight taking the place of Terry and Galbraith. The liner notes could have been edited more carefully, as Gross refers to a pair of Hamilton originals that were omitted from this compilation.
Ken Dryden

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:hcfuxq8aldte

Jimmy Hamilton
The New York Jazz Quintet


1 Bohemia After Dark (Pettiford)  3:53
2 I Get a Kick Out of You (Porter)  4:32
3 Blues in My Room (Hamilton)  6:12
4 I Can't Give You Anything but Love (Fields, McHugh)  4:40
5 Chuckles (Terry)  2:45
6 Blues for Clarinet (Hamilton)  4:02
7 Solitude (Ellington)  5:25
8 What Am I Here For (Ellington)  4:42
9 Blues for a Princess (Gross)  6:16
10 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin)  3:55
11 Rose Room (Hickman, Williams)  4:53
12 Tea for Two (Caesar, Youmans)  4:58


[# 1-8] Accent on Clarinet
Jimmy Hamilton - cl
Clark Terry - tp
Barry Galbraith- g
Oscar Pettiford - b
Sidney Gross - rht. g
Osie Johnson - dr
Recorded in New York City ; 1955
[# 9-12] from Clarinet in High Fi (excerpt)
* [# 9-11] Jimmy Hamilton - cl
Kenny Kersey - p
Sidney Gross - g
Jimmy Woode - b
Sam Woodyard - dr
Recorded in New York City ; 1955
* [# 12]
Jimmy Hamilton - cl
Earl Knight - p
Oscar Pettiford - b
Osie Johnson - dr

Recorded in New York City ; 1954


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Jimmy Hamilton & New York Jazz Quintet (1954)

Another artist & album I was completely unaware of.

I'm a big fan of the clarinet in jazz, and this music is great fun.


rowgatien said...

Beautiful clarinet, guitar and swinging music from the Jimmy Hamilton quintet.

Blue Eyes said...

Yeah, a very beautiful session especially with B.Galbraith ! Thank you very much Melanchthon !

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The link for this post was lost,unfortunately, for me last week.I'm ancious to hear this work.Thank you Mel !

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Otis Foster said...

A wonderful share and an even more wonderful album cover from the original release. This came out when I was still in my teens, filled with thoughts of getting to NYC and participating in the artistic life. Even now, I get a frisson when looking at the lit up skyline.

Melanchthon said...

Thanks Otis, notwithstanding size and resolution of the original cover...

deGallo said...

Yes, more jazz clarinet is always appreciated. Thank you.

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