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Stan Getz, Wardell Gray, Zoot Sims & Paul Quinichette - Rare Dawn Sessions

This CD reissue, which features four classic tenor-saxophonists, brings back material released by Biograph on LPs in the 1980s. Stan Getz jams on four songs with a five-piece rhythm section that includes pianist Al Haig and guitarist Jimmy Raney in 1949, Wardell Gray uses a similar group on his two pieces, Paul Quinichette does his impressions of Lester Young on two songs in a quintet with trumpeter Gene Roland and pianist Nat Pierce, and Zoot Sims swings on six pieces with a quintet including trumpeter Jerry Lloyd. The music should satisfy straightahead jazz fans and, although no longer all that rare, it serves as a good introduction to the work of the four fine tenors.
Scott Yanow

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Stan Getz 
Wardell Gray
Paul Quinichette 
Zoot Sims
The Rare Dawn Sessions


1 Skull Buster (Haig)  2:22
2 Ante Room (Raney)  2:40
3 Pennies from Heaven (Burke, Johnston)  3:15
4 Poop Deck (Haig)  2:43
5 It's the Talk of the Town (Livingston, Neiburg, Symes)  3:03
6 In a Pinch (Haig)  3:00
7 These Foolish Things (Link, Marvell, Strachey)  4:31
8 Along About This Time of the Year)  3:39
9 Blues for the Month of May (Lloyd)  4:11
10 I Should Care (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston)  4:03
11 The Big Stampede (Lloyd)  4:40
12 Too Close for Comfort (Bock, Holofcener, Weiss)  3:27
13 Jerry's Jaunt (Cohn)  4:04
14 How Now Blues (Sims)  6:19


Stan Getz - ts
Al Haig - p
Jimmy Raney - g
Gene Ramsey - b
Charlie Perry - dr
Carlos Vidal - cg
Recorded in New York City ; May 12, 1949
Wardell Gray - ts
Jimmy Raney - g
Tommy Potter - b
Charlie Perry - dr
Recorded in New York City ; April 1949
Paul Quinichette - ts
Gene Roland - tp
Nat Pierce - p
Freddie Green - g
Wendell Marshall - b
Sonny Payne - dr
Recorded in New York City ; October 1956
Zoot Sims - ts
Jerry Lloyd - tp
John Williams - p
Bill Anthony - b
Gus Johnson - dr
Knobby Totah replaces Anthony [# 10 & 11]
Recorded in New York City ; August & September 1956


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