Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pete Jolly Trio - When Lights Are Low

An early trio session from pianist Pete Jolly — recorded in a loose and unfettered mode that's very nice ! The lights are low, but the group's still swinging nicely — in the mode that makes you feel like you're sitting at the bar in one of the hipper lounges on the LA scene at the time — kicking back with cocktail while Pete and the trio inventively explore a few familiar tunes, plus some great numbers of their own ! Jules Berteaux is on bass, Robert Neal is on drums — and tracks include "Skating", "Ah Moore", "Unconcerned", "Groovin With Gus", "When Lights Are Low", and "Jordu".
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Pete Jolly
When Lights Are Low


1 Skating (Jolly)  4:22
2 Ah Moore Cohn (Cohn)  5:26
3 When Lights Are Low (Carter)  3:55
4 Groovin' With Gus (Cohn)  3:05
5 Unconcerned (Jolly)  4:05
6 Whistle While You Work (Churchill, Morey)  2:50
7 Broadway (Wood, McRae, Bird)  3:15
8 My Old Flame (Johnson, Coslow)  3:58
9 Jordu (Jordan)  3:37
10 That Old Feeling (Brown, Fain)  3:34
11 Five Brothers (Mulligan)  4:05
12 Thou Swell ( Hart, Rodgers)  3:23


Pete Jolly - p
Jules Bertaux - b
Robert Neal - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles ; March 6, 1957


stringbender said...

Many thanks for this superb rip of this fine Pete Jolly trio side.

Scoredaddy said...

really great and widely heard pianist, his work graces perhaps thousands of records, films, and TV soundtracks. Most people do not realize that it is Jolly's piano that they are hearing on the famous piano vamp intro on Sinatra's New York, New York recording.

cvllos said...

Wow, Mel! An unknown Jolly to enrich my files! Congratulations for your very tasty work!

Heervee said...

Mel, I love your comment, .. will be sitting at the bar, instead of staying home, this snowing evening.

Nanus said...

Thank you for bring to all this brillant pianist...

the doc said...

:-) Thinking back to the first Pete Jolly frenzy with Jazz-Nekko. Very nice!

Axel.T. said...

Thank you for this great Pete Jolly album. I lived in Studio City in LA and saw Pete's trio and with Jack Sheldon almost on a weekly basis while I was a student. His playing is the same whether live or in the studio. He was the pianist on Art Pepper's "Smack Up" album in 1962 which is an absolute CLASSIC!

rm said...

merci beaucoup

deGallo said...

Nice! Thank you.

AmyBRAINS said...

It's really a very nice album and a nice discovery to me.
Thanks a lot Melanchthon.

Jazzsoulman said...

Thank You

pj said...

How can I not get this one to add to the collection, bearing in mind the pj stands for Pete Jolly!

Melanchthon said...


Kovina Kris said...

Another one that looks pretty rare. Thank you very much Mel!