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Art Pepper + Eleven

This is a true classic. Altoist Art Pepper is joined by an 11-piece band playing Marty Paich arrangements of a dozen jazz standards from the bop and cool jazz era. Trumpeter Jack Sheldon has a few solos, but the focus is very much on the altoist who is in peak form for this period. The CD reissue adds two additional versions of "Walkin'" and one of "Donna Lee" to the original program. Throughout, Pepper sounds quite inspired by Paich's charts which feature the band as an active part of the music rather than just in the background. Highlights of this highly enjoyable set include "Move," "Four Brothers," "Shaw Nuff," "Anthropology," and "Donna Lee," but there is not a single throwaway track to be heard. Essential music for all serious jazz collections.
Scott Yanow

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Art Pepper
Art Pepper + Eleven
Modern Jazz Classics


1 Move (Best)  3:26
2 Groovin' High (Gillespie)  3:22
3 Opus de Funk (Silver)  3:13
4 'Round Midnight (Hanighen, Monk, Williams)  3:32
5 Four Brothers (Giuffre)  2:57
6 Shaw 'Nuff (Brown, Fuller, Gillespie)  2:58
7 Bernie's Tune (Leiber, Miller, Stoller)  2:44
8 Walkin' Shoes (Mulligan)  3:31
9 Anthropology (Gillespie, Parker)  3:19
10 Airegin (Rollins)  3:01
11 Walkin' [original take] (Carpenter)  5:15
12 Walkin' [alternate take 1] (Carpenter)  4:54
13 Walkin' [alternate take 2] (Carpenter)  4:58
14 Donna Lee [original take] (Parker)  3:23
15 Donna Lee [alternate take/*] (Parker)  3:22


Feat. Art Pepper, Pete Candoli, Jack Sheldon, Dick Nash, Bob Enevoldsen, Vince de Rosa, Herb Geller, Bill Perkins, Med Flory, Russ Freeman, Joe Mondragon, Mel Lewis, Bud Shank, Richie Kamuca, Al Porcino...

Recorded at Contemporary's Studio, Los Angeles ; between March 14, 1959 & May 12, 1959

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Scoredaddy said...

for once, Yanow is correct: "a true classic". I own this CD and love it!

Pippo said...

Thank you Melanchthon, great music.

yewsta said...

Thank you, Mel. Seminal stuff.

ita diegues said...

Thanks Melanchthon, what a line up.

Phillip said...

Sensational stuff. Many thanks.

Richard Stands said...

Unfortunately the 4Brothers tune is incomlete. Some bars at the binginning are missing! Maybe you can correct this single tune?

reindeer man said...

Love Art Pepper. I'm also a fan of the underrated Jack Sheldon... Incidentally, I was looking through all my old Tom Waits, and found he was credited on Tom's great record Foreign Affairs from '77. Not to mention his association with the Schoolhouse Rock Series... anyway. Thanks for this.

jazzlover said...

As usual a great post,many thanks Mel!!

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Axel.T. said...

A TOTAL Classic from Art and all the great West Coast players at that time.
Thanks a million for this album.
Best to you and all the jazz people here.