Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dave Pike - Jazz for the Jet Set

This disc is a bit unusual in a few ways. Vibraphonist Dave Pike sticks here exclusively to the marimba, while pianist Herbie Hancock is heard throughout on organ, an instrument he rarely played again. The band also includes two trumpeters (most notably Clark Terry who has a few short solos) and a rhythm section with guitarist Billy Butler. Most of the music consists of obscurities and is open to the influences of the boogaloo and pop rhythms of the era; highlights include Hancock's "Blind Man, Blind Man," "Sunny" and "Devilette." An interesting effort.
Scott Yanow

Source : http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&sql=10:dcfexqrgldte

Dave Pike
Jazz for the Jet Set


1 Blind Man, Blind Man (Hancock)  6:52
2 Jet Set (Pike)  5:49
3 Sunny (Hebb)  3:20
4 When I'm Gone (Pike)  2:59
5 You've Got Your Troubles (Cook, Greenaway)  4:09
6 Sweet 'Tater Pie (Grant, Rodgers)  3:50
7 Just Say Goodbye (Grant)  4:36
8 Devilette (Taylor, Tucker)  6:04


[# 1, 5, 7 & 8]
Dave Pike - marmb
Clark Terry - tp
Martin Sheller - tp
Billy Butler - g
Herbie Hancock - org
Bob Cranshaw - b
Bruno Carr - dr
[# 2-4 & 6]
Dave Pike - marmb
Clark Terry - tp
Melvin Lastie - tp
Billy Butler - g
Herbie Hancock - org
Jimmy Lewis - b
Grady Tate - dr



PlantDoctor53 said...

The music sounds a little odd but the cover is priceless. Thank you Mel.

cheeba said...

Crazy, baby! Groovy, real gone & far out!

Pippo said...

I find this album intriguingly unusual, in the good sense. Actually I like it.
Once again thank you Melanchthon to point out at music which I totally ignored existence.

the doc said...

everything about this album screams dated . . . retro!! Very kool Daddy-O!

grumpy said...

Would make a hip soundtrack for an Austin Powers film! Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Really interresting material thanks for sharing great work...

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Nice post Melanchthon.
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Never heard this one, thanks for the 2nd opportunity Mel.

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Thanks again Mel!