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Vlado Perlemuter Plays Ravel (Nimbus - 1973)

On this two-disc set, some listeners will find that quintessential sound associated with Ravel's and Debussy's music. Vlado Perlemuter gave all of these Ravel piano works those large washes of sound that are soft and deep enough to sink into. In "Miroirs," "Noctuelles" is finely delicate and clear, waves are gently lapping in "Une Barque sur l'Océan," and "Vallée de cloches" is wonderfully atmospheric. The atmospherics continue in "Gaspard de la Nuit." Ravel's neo-Classical works fill up the second disc, and while these are also quite lovely, the glowing tones may not please those who prefer "Le tombeau de Couperin" and the Menuets are crisper and less picturesque and moody (i.e. more Classical sounding). Perlemuter was in his mid-seventies when he made these recordings in 1979, and there are a few minor flubs in the faster passages. Yet he still had enough control over his hands to create smooth tones and shifting colors and to beautifully shape the music.
Patsy Morita, All Music Guide

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Vlado Perlemuter
Maurice Ravel
(Nimbus - 1973)


Cd. 1

1 Noctuelles  4:45
2 Oiseaux tristes  3:47
3 Une barque sur l'océan  6:34
4 Alborada del gracioso  6:24
5 La Vallée des cloches  5:03

6 Jeux d'eau  5:32

7 Pavane pour une infante défunte  4:29

Gaspard de la Nuit
8 Ondine  6:30
9 Le Gibet  6:15
10 Scarbo  9:01


Cd. 2

1 Modéré  4:19
2 Mouvement de Menuet  2:57
3 Animé  4:06

4 Valses nobles et Sentimentales  14:07
Modéré - Très franc
index 2 Assez lent  1:25
index 3 Modéré  3:43
index 4 Assez animé  5:10
index 5 Presque lent  6:17
index 6 Vif  7:26
index 7 Moins vif  8:05
index 8 Epilogue - Lent  10:26

Le Tombeau de Couperin
5 Prélude  3:00
6 Fugue  3:20
7 Forlane  5:54
8 Rigaudon  3:20
9 Menuet  5:00
10 Toccata  4:02

11 Prélude en la mineur  1:35
12 À la manière de Borodine  1:51
13 À la manière de Chabrier  1:56
14 Menuet antique  6:24
15 Menuet sur le nom de Haydn  2:07


Vlado Perlemuter - p

Recorded 1973

"...le plaisir délicieux et toujours nouveau d'une occupation inutile"
Henri de Régnier


salience said...

interesting to compare with my fav pianist for Ravel, Samson Francois

Kndnsk said...

I was not aware of him, as opposed to Samson François, but this will be a treat as well, I'm sure !

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Daniele said...

If you could reupload this late recordings of Ravel by Perlemuter it would be a fantastic treat! Links are not working anymore, unfortunately. Thanks in advance.