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Sviatoslav Richter - Live in London

Sviatoslav Richter was devoted to Beethoven and kept nearly two dozen of the composer's 32 sonatas in his active repertory. But some sonatas — such as 3 in C Major (Opus 2, 3), 7 in D Major (Opus 10, 3), and 32 in C Minor (Opus 111) — turned up on Richter programs decade after decade, while others appeared for a season or so never to return. Richter's relationship to Sonata n° 29 in B-Flat (Hammerklavier) belongs to the latter category. He performed it all over Europe in the spring and summer of 1975 and seems never to have programmed it again. One wonders why. Richter was designed by God to perform the Hammerklavier. He had the huge hands necessary for its reckless leaps, the strength and stamina for its marathon length, and the intellect necessary to make lucid its grinding dissonance and (in the finale) its pounding counterpoint. Perhaps Richter thought that at 60 — his age when he began to program it — he was a little too old for the Hammerklavier. Certainly, even a Richter enthusiast can be forgiven for wishing the pianist had turned to the piece 10 years earlier. Still, the pianist's Hammerklavier is heroically grand and fiercely energetic.
Stephen Wigler

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Sviatoslav Richter
Live in London


Ludwig van Beethoven

  Sonata n° 29 in B-Flat Op.106

1 I. Allegro  11:00
2 II. Scherzo ; assai vivace  3:03
3 III. Adagio sostenuto, appassianato e con molto sentimento  17:41
4 IV. Largo. Allegro risoluto  11:55


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded live at the Royal Festival Hall (London) ; June 18, 197[5]


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