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Sviatoslav Richter Plays Schumann & Chopin (Japan '79)

The vivid, fantastical and extreme world of Robert Schumann is particulary  attractive to Richter, and in the present selection some of that master's most celebrated compositions are given typically sensational interpretations that illuminate and make us re-think and consider music that, though quintessentially romantic, is undoubtedly spiritual and often futuristic with violent contrasts between sections and paragraphs that can still shock listeners today.
The eight Noveletten Op. 21 are substantial works made up from shorter sections based on march rhythms, toccata figurations, waltzes, polonaise fragments and dream-filled arabesques. The hard-driven dotted rhythm obsession so common in most of Schumann's large-scale pieces is also apparent, and the violent contrasts between virtuosity and poetry reminds one of Schumann's vision of Florestan and Eusebius as the two artistic poles in his music. It has been suggested that conficts and schizophrenia in the music should be related to Schumann's own character and eventual mental breakdown. Whatever the validity of this hypotesis, the Noveletten are undoubtedly more volatile in their mood-changes than most Schumann, particulary in these performances. Richter's approach to each piece is characteristically extreme, following his instincts to their logical interpretive conclusion. The toccata-like Op. 21 n° 2 is taken at bravura tempo. The intensity of Richter's inner rhythmic drive is remarkable to behold, particulary as the end result is so organically unified, as though the piece is one continuous line. In the contrasting 'B' section the pianism melts into deep poetry, with warmth and flexibility matchingthe mood ofthe music...
© Murray McLachlan
1992, from the booklet

Sviatoslav Richter


Robert Schumann

Noveletten, Op. 21
1 N° 2 in D major  5:51
2 N° 4 in D major  3:22
3 N° 8 in F-Sharp minor  11:37


Frédéric Chopin

Préludes, Op. 28
4 N° 4 in E minor  2:40
5 N° 5 in D major  0:31
6 N° 6 in B minor  2:18
7 N° 7 in A major  0:56
8 N° 8 in F-Sharp minor  1:39
9 N° 9 in E major  1:20
10 N° 10 in C-Sharp minor  0:31
11 N° 13 in F-Sharp major  3:23
12 N° 19 in E-Flat major  1:10
13 N° 11 in B major  0:45
14 N° 2 in A minor  2:05
15 N° 23 in F major  0:51
16 N° 21 in B-Flat major  2:22

Robert Schumann

Fantasiestücke, Op. 12
17 N° 5. Inder Nacht  4:06
18 N° 7. Traumes-Wirren  2:38


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded at Tokyo Koseinenkin Kaikan Hall, Japan ; 9th March 1979  ; at Kanagawa Kenmin Hall ; & 20th March 1979 ; & at NHK Hall ; 24th February 1979


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