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Vladimir Horowitz Plays Scarlatti

The last two sonatas were taken from a Carnegie Hall recital in 1968. The rest date from the earlier 1960s when after nearly a decade of retirement, Horowitz elected to return to the recording studios. It would be hard to imagine performances of greater brilliance and finesse, or more stylishly characterized and contrasted, or more ravishingly translucent in terms of sonority per se. With some 550 sonatas to choose between, he admits (in the booklet) to having found difficulty in selecting just a handful. But avoiding the overfamiliar, he certainly makes you marvel anew at Scarlatti's apparently limitless imaginative daring — alike in bravura display and nostalgic song. And I'm sure the composer himself would have agreed with him that a piano can do more for this music, in terms of colour, than a harpsichord — that's to say if played with his own pinpoint clarity of articulation in flights of virtuosity (not forgetting unbelievably rapid repetitions of the same note) and his pleading bel canto elsewhere. All in all a collector's piece.

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Vladimir Horowitz
Domenico Scarlatti


1 Sonata in D major. L. 424/K. 33  2:50
2 Sonata in A minor. Allegro L. 241/K. 54  4:07
3 Sonata in F major. L. 188/K. 525  2:23
4 Sonata in F minor. Andante moderato L. 118/K. 466  4:57
5 Sonata in G major L. 349/K. 146  2:47
6 Sonata in D major. Allegro L. 465/K. 96  4:22
7 Sonata in E major. Andantino L. 21/K. 162  5:19
8 Sonata in E-Flat major. Andante e cantabile L. 203/K. 474  4:40
9 Sonata in E minor. Allegro L. 22/K. 198  2:46
10 Sonata in D major. Allegro L. 164/K. 491  3:56
11 Sonata in F minor. Andante e cantabile L. 187/K. 481  5:09
12 Sonata in A major. Allegro L. 391/K. 39  2:30
13 Sonata in G major. LS.28/K. 547  4:02
14 Sonata in B minor. L. 147/K. 197  5:17
15 Sonata in F-Sharp minor. L. 481/K. 25  3:55
16 Sonata in D minor. L. 267/K. 52  5:26
17 Sonata in G major. L. 129/K. 201  3:21
18 Sonata in C minor. L. 9/K. 303   4:05


Vladimir Horowitz - p

Recorded at 30th Street Studio, New York City ; April, May, June & September, 1964


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A Real Treasure.....Thank You

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so i've been checking this out since, and i am just totally in love with scarlatti right now. dude sounds good on harpsichord, piano, pianoforte, whatever. just sounds good.

this blog has completely made my life richer.

cbacas said...

Thanks for a beautiful record. Extraordinary playing and marvelous music.

censusloss said...

Have not heard a whole Horowitz/Scarlatti disc- can't wait- VH really brought out the ahead of his time Scarlatti harmony and with advantage of a steinway achieved a delicacy and where needed, weight just not possible with the harpsichord

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As always, I find another gem at your blog. Thank you for all you do, Mel!

Jonathan F. King said...

My LP copy of this was purchased on October 18, 1965 -- my mother's 51st birthday -- as a gift for her. I was 15 years old, and this remained for many years the only classical LP I'd ever purchased. Over the years I got to know it intimately, and it stands as among the most influential recordings in my life as a listener. Fortunately, it's also amazingly good...

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More thanks, Mel!

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more scarlatti. and by horowtz now. this kind of thing is part of what makes you so outstanding. thank you. -cheers, a.v.