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Sviatoslav Richter Plays Rachmaninov

Richter's robustly romantic way with Rachmaninov is a byword. It is perhaps the most memorable aspect of his interpretations but we should not forget the grace he can also mobilise in naturalistic and inevitable accents. This is best heard in Op. 33 n° 5. In this he is closest to his great contemporary Medtner. James Murray's notes offer excellent insights. If there is a criticism of the Etudes Tableaux it is that in their most demonstrative moments they scream out for an orchestra. The composer's fantasy overtops the ability of the piano to express the range of emotions intended without a certain density although he defeats this in the bell-tormented Op. 39 n° 7 so memorably orchestrated by Respighi. To this extent Rachmaninov can be compared with Arnold Bax whose Sonatas (especially n° 2 and 3) often burst the bounds of what can be said with the solo piano. That said Richter is impressive and achieves a sense of spaciousness and stillness that is reserved only to the truly great pianists. In his more pellucid crystalline moments as in Op. 39 n° 2 there are never any doubts about the rightness of the music for the instrument. The recording is a tad 'bassy' (much better in the older Preludes recordings) but nothing you won't be able to live with in the light of Richter's performances which define 'grand'.
Rob Barnett

Source : http://www.musicweb-international.com/classRev/2000/sept00/rachmaninov-richter.htm

Sviatoslav Richter


Serge Rachmaninov

Etudes-Tableaux for piano

From Op. 33
1 N° 9 in C-Sharp minor. Grave  2:39
2 N° 5 in D minor. Moderato  2:53
3 N° 6 in E-Flat minor. Non allegro  1:40

From Op. 39
4 N° 1 in C minor. Allegro agitato  2:54
5 N° 2 in A minor. Lento assai  7:00
6 N° 3 in F-Sharp minor. Allegro molto  2:46
7 N° 4 in B minor. Allegro assai  3:35
8 N° 9 in D major. Allegro moderato. Tempo di marcia  3:41
9 N° 7 in C minor. Lento  6:57


Six Preludes from Op. 23

10 N° 1 in F-Sharp minor. Largo  3:52
11 N° 2 in B-Flat major. Maestoso  3:24
12 N° 4 in D major. Andante cantabile  4:12
13 N° 5 in G minor. Alla marcia  3:44
14 N° 7 in C minor. Allegro  2:24
15 N° 8 in A-Flat major. Allegro vivace  3:06


Seven Preludes from Op. 32

16 N° 1 in C major. Allegro vivace  1:11
17 N° 2 in B-Flat minor. Allegretto  3:02
18 N° 6 in F minor. Allegro appassionato  1:18
19 N° 7 in F major. Moderato  2:10
20 N° 9 in A major. Allegro moderato  2:34
21 N° 10 in B minor. Lento  5:21
22 N° 12 in G-Sharp minor. Allegro  2:19


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded by Ariola-Eurodisc in April 1983, Studio 3 of the Bavarian Radio [# 1-9] and September 1971, Schloss Klesheim, Salzburg [# 10-22]

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