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Sviatoslav Richter & Benjamin Britten at Aldeburgh Festval

It was on June 20, 1964 that Sviatoslav Richter made his unplanned debut at Aldeburgh. Following performances earlier that month in Warsaw, Dresden and Paris, Richter had expected to enjoy a brief pause in his concert activity by attending several Aldeburgh events at wich his old colleague, cellist Mstislav Roxtropovitch, would be appearing. Upon his arrival, however, Richter was quickly persuaded to join forces not only with Rostropovitch but also with Benjamin Britten for a pair of concerts on the same day ! The repertoire included the Brahms E minor and Gried A minor Cello Sonatas, two solo Schubert Sonatas and, with Britten as Richter's four-hand partner, the Schubert A-flat Variations. Thus began most auspiciously, what would become a total of eleven appearances by Richter at the Aldeburgh Festivals of 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967 & 1975...  
Donald Manildi, From the booklet

Sviatoslav Richter
Benjamin Britten
(Music & Arts)


Franz Schubert

1 Variations on an Original Theme in 1-flat major, Op. 35, D. 813,
for piano four hands

2 Andante Varie, Op. 84, n° 1, D. 823  8:42

3 Fantasie in f-minor, Op. 103, D. 940  17:22


Moments Musicaux D. 780
4 In C major  6:06
5 In f-minor  1:44
6 In A-flat major  12:35


Sviatoslav Richter - p
Benjamin Britten - p [# 1]

Recorded in recital, Aldeburgh Festival ; 1964 [# 1] ; & 1965 [other selections]


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