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Andreï Gavrilov Plays Prokofiev

The Third Sonata, with its echoes of the Third Concerto (a work in which Gavrilov particularly excels), gets off to a blistering start indeed — the outer sections of this work allowing Gavrilov ample room to flex his very considerable technical muscles... Gavrilov's reading of the first movement of the Seventh Sonata is one of the finest I've heard — very nearly as fine as Pollini's (DG). Here, Gavrilov captures the twists and turns and flighty nature of this music perfectly, and the accelerando link from the central andantino section into the final pages is impeccably judged... [A]n exceptionally fine performance... The Eighth Sonata is perhaps, overall, the finest performance of the whole disc. Richter's peerless account on DG still remains my ultimate recommendation in this work (Lill offers a stunning account too), but Gavrilov's performance is certainly impressive. I liked his gentle, unimpeded sense of flow in the opening Andante dolce, and his finely controlled phrasing and subtle 'nodal-pointing' are much to be admired also. These are much in evidence in the slow movement too, which is played here with a very stately, almost Mahlerian lilt. As one can imagine, Gavrilov excels in the glittering pianistic gymnastics of the final Vivace.
Michael Stewart, Gramophone [6/1992]

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Andreï Gavrilov
Sergueï Prokofiev

Piano Sonatas n° 3, 7 & 8


Piano Sonata n° 3 in A minor, Op. 28
"From old Notebooks"
1 Allegro tempestuoso - Moderato - Allegro tempestuoso
Moderato - Più lento - Più animato - Tempo I
Poco più mosso  6:58

Piano Sonata n° 7 in B-Flat major, Op. 83
2 I. Allegro inquieto - Andantino - Allegro inquieto
Andantino - Allegro inquieto  7:32
3 II. Andante caloroso - Poco più animato - Più largamente
Un poco agitato - Tempo I  6:39
4 III. Precipitato  3:43

Piano Sonata n° 8 in B-Flat major, Op. 84
5 I. Andante dolce - Poco più animato - Andante I
Allegro moderato - Andante - Andante dolce, come prima
L'istesso tempo - Allegro  13:59
6 II. Andante sognando  4:01
7 III. Vivace - Allegro ben marcato - Andantino
Vivace, come prima  9:11


Andreï Gavrilov - p

Recorded in Hamburg-Harburg, Friedrich-Ebert-Halle ; May 1991


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