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Sviatoslav Richter Plays Beethoven & Chopin (INA)

As the years go by, the art of Sviatoslav Richter stands out singulary from that of his fellow pianists. Not only his art, but also his attitude towards a musician's carreer, mission and responsabilities.
Whereas so many musicians plan their concerts years ahead - dates, pieces, partners - and strive to build a career, Richter's dream would be to drive around the countryside in a truck carrying a single upright piano ; it would be to wander along country roads, stopping when a village charmed him, having the piano unloaded and carried into a large room, any room, as long as there was someone to turn the pages, and flowers, lots of flowers.
It would be to decide on his program at the very last minute, andplay with the music sheets propped up on the stand ; "Why learn by heart and thus limit one's repertory when so much music lay witing to be brought back to life ?"
He would distrust what is in fshion, play Schubert when no-one else is, and Beethoven's first sonatas because they are overshadowed by those with a title and the last ones.
He would play the Brahms-is-higher-than-Liszt-but-Lizst-is-not-lower-than-Brahms paradox. Place Chopin, Wagner and Debussy highest among all : "Debussy with his latin blood revived in a certain Ancient Greece, its spirit and outlook on the world, as if there earlier, Bach, no-one at all ! Maybe if one were to gather together all of the Ancient times, one would obtain Debussy !"
Alain Lompech, translation : Daphné Anglès, from the booklet

Sviatoslav Richter
At Pleyel
(Ludwig van Beethoven
Frederic Chopin)


Cd. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven 

Sonata n° 6 in F, Op. 10, n° 2
1 I. Allegro  8:22
2 II. Allegretto  4:25
3 III. Presto  4:25

Sonata n° 7 in D, Op. 10, n° 3
4 I. Presto  7:05
5 II. Largo e Mesto  9:26
6 III. Minuetto (Allegro)  3:13
7 IV. Rondo (Allegro)   4:54

Sonata n° 17 in D minor, Op. 31, n° 2 "Tempest" 
8 I. Largo - Allegro  10:29
9 II. Adagio  7:56
10 III. Allegretto  7:34


Cd. 2

Sonata n° 18 in E-Flat, Op. 31, n° 3 
1 1 I. Allegro  9:13
2 II. Scherzo (Allegretto vivace)  4:37
3 III. Menuetto (Moderato e graziozo)  4:27
4 IV. Presto con fuoco  4:59


Frédéric Chopin


5 Etude Op. 10, n° 12 in C Minor  3:06 
6 Prélude, Op. 28, n° 15 in D-Flat major  8:01


Sviatoslav Richter - p

Recorded Live, Salle Pleyel, Paris ; November 7, 1980.


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