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John Lewis - Grand Encounter

A classic meeting of east and west coast artists of the third stream jazz sphere of the late 50s — one that features the team of John Lewis and Percy Heath of the Modern Jazz Quartet working alongside the west coast tenor of Bill Perkins, plus the guitar of Jim Hall and drums of Chico Hamilton ! The whole album's got quite a unique feel — one that's as airy as that of the MJQ work of the time, but not nearly as academic or sleepy – thanks to a nice biting tone from Perkins' tenor, which really seems to stretch out in the space provided by Lewis. There's almost a similarly sublime quality here as on Lewis' album with Sacha Distel — Afternoon In Paris — which featured a similar use of space for great tenor sound (in that case, the tenor of Barney Wilen.)
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John Lewis
Grand Encounter
2 Degrees East - 3 Degrees West
(Japanese 2014 reissue)


1 Love Me or Leave Me (Donaldson, Kahn)  8:18
2 I Can't Get Started (Duke, Gershwin)  3:31
3 Easy Living (Rainger, Robin)  4:13
4 Two Degrees East, Three Degrees West (Lewis)  6:07
5 Skylark (Carmichael, Mercer)  3:06
6 Almost Like Being in Love (Lerner, Loewe)  9:26


John Lewis - p
Bill Perkins - ts
Jim Hall - g
Percy Heath - b
Chico Hamilton - dr

Recorded in Los Angeles ; February 10, 1956
Also reissued as 2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West and occasionally listed under tenor saxophonist Bill Perkins' name, this classic session is the ultimate in cool jazz. Perkins' mellow tone matches quite well with the quiet but inwardly passionate playing of pianist John Lewis, guitarist Jim Hall, bassist Percy Heath, and drummer Chico Hamilton. Lewis is featured with the rhythm section on "I Can't Get Started," Hall is added for "Skylark," and the full group plays three standards plus Lewis' memorable (and atmospheric) "2 Degrees East, 3 Degrees West."
Scott Yanow

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LYM said...

Hi Melachton, I followed Your amazing (in quality and quantity) post on CIA. Some weeks ago I found Your blog. I 've downloaded a lot from this one. Your favourite guitar players firs: Wes Montgomery, Tal Farlow, Jimmy Raney and least but not last Jim Hall. This is a marvellous blog and I must thanks You for all those fine music You're posting here. In this last days I've seen that Your blog is always encrasing. The last posts are marvellous: I've just downloaded and listen a little to the 3 Collette recordings...very tasty!. I send my thanks here because I think that this one, that I always own is a litte masterpiece. One of my favourite, and in my opinion best records of the '50 is the first quartet with Hall and Desmond "First Again". Now I know where someone took some songs from. This one has been recorded one Year after. Hall and Heat are in both sessions and Hamilton is a soft drummer like Kay. Now I know where (Hall or Heat) take that amazing blues " 2 Deegrees East, 3 degrees west" from. Thanks again.
See You. :-) LYM
I'm from Italy and have some records with italian guitarists in You're interested in I can post them to You here or privately. Let me know to

LYM said...

Some corrections "2 degrees east, 3 degrees west" has been recorded three years before (and not after) "First Place Again!" by the Paul Desmond quartet with Hall, Heat and Kay. The connection between the two records is very strong.
I apologize.
:-) LYM

Melanchthon said...

Hello LYM, thanks for your kindly message. I added a link named "Contributions". If you want to post some "italian guitarists" or good music, You're welcome.
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Mel, there's a Brasilian edition of this one, originaly from World Pacific, with different cover. Tryed to find it on Google useless. Sometimes this record is named "Grand Encounters".

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