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Presenting Ernie Henry [repost]

Altoist Ernie Henry's first of three sessions as a leader, all of which were made within 16 months of his premature death, served as a strong debut. Joined by trumpeter Kenny Dorham, pianist Kenny Drew, bassist Wilbur Ware and drummer Art Taylor, Henry — who always had a distinctive tone — performs five of his boppish originals, plus "Gone With the Wind" and "I Should Care." Throughout the date, Henry hints strongly at the great potential he had. This set has thus far only been reissued by the OJC series on LP.
Scott Yanow

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Ernie Henry
Presenting Ernie Henry


1 Gone With the Wind (Magidson, Wrubel) 3:24
2 Orient (Henry) 5:10
3 Free Flight (Henry) 5:48
4 Checkmate (Henry) 5:55
5 Active Ingredients (Henry) 5:03
6 I Should Care (Cahn, Stordahl, Weston) 5:07
7 Cleo's Chant (Henry) 8:21

Ernie Henry - as
Kenny Dorham - tp
Kenny Drew - p
Wilbur Ware - b
Art Taylor - dr

Recorded in New York City ; August 23 & 30, 1956.


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Many thanks for this and all your posts. I greatly appreciate all your hard work. I love this record. I have an old vinyl copy but it'll be nice to hear it in hi-fi.

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